Get Carded! How To Find The Right Place Card Holders


What, exactly, is a place card holder? Its function is to hold those lovely little cards that determine where people sit. For some, this may seem like an overly fussy detail that brings to mind images of bridezillas arranging and rearranging cards on a paper layout of the reception hall (“No, my Uncle Mike can’t sit next to your Aunt Jane! He has to sit next to my Nana!”) However, place card holders can be wonderful accents to any reception, and are beautiful keepsakes for each guest. In short, they have aplace.

One of the simplest ideas is to have the place card holder match the theme of the wedding. There are so many different themes to choose from, it can be hard to decide on just one. So why not have more than one? If the theme for your wedding happens to be Valentine’s Day, you could use heart shaped place card holders, holders with wings (to symbolize Cupid), or simply use red holders. You can also organize them according to guest type; perhaps guests of the bride will get a specific type of holder, and the groom’s guests get another kind. Your visitors will love the personal nature of this type of arrangement.

Another option is to contrast the holder with the theme. Use winter holders with a summer theme-small snowflakes set among yellow and orange decorations will be striking. It’s subtle, but elegant and creative as well. Perhaps the cards themselves can reflect the contrasting theme too; a picture of a snowman on each card will enhance the effect.

The placer card holder can also be used as a favor or keepsake for each guest. Yes, they do decorate the table, but why not have them serve double duty? If you decide to use your holders for this purpose, try to pick ones that are not only beautiful, but functional. Tiny picture frames with the card inside work well, as do items such as cookie cutters and bottle stoppers. Some can even hold tiny treats. This is a wonderful way to ensure that your guests have memories of your special day.

Creativity is the heart and soul of place card holders, Why stay with an ordinary upright holder when there are so many other ideas? Use a toy figurine that looks like the guest and prop the card against it, or better yet, have the figurine holding it. Arrange the holders according to guests; have children and parents in one configuration, married couples in another, friends in yet another. Again, this type of personal touch will really make your reception stand out.

Above all, make sure your place card holders are appropriate for the occasion. You may want to express yourself, but there’s a thin line between self expression and bad taste. A unique, clever holder is self expression; embarrassing your guests and yourself is bad taste. Choose wisely.

For a truly unique spark of creativity, the couple can create thank you notes in advance for their guests’ attendance–and address them to each one. Again, this is an example of practicality and uniqueness. Everyone loves confirmation of a thoughtful act, and this is one of the best ways to show your gratitude.

Place card holders may seem like a minor extra, but their role is more important than they seem to be. With a little imagination and planning, this simple item can enhance your reception in ways that will impress your guests and give you the reception of a lifetime.

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