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Amazing designs and styles, coupled with the best materials has created some of the best pocket knives. Gerber Pocket Knives have been seen as some of the best knives on the market.

With a diversity of style and functions, Gerber has seen to it that anyone that is looking for a knife can find what they need, instead of having to shop a myriad of different styles. No matter what the need is for a pocket knife, Gerber Pocket Knives is where you will find what you are looking for.

Whatever environment you live in, Gerber Pocket Knives has a knife crafted so that it lasts the longest possible time. The best pocket knife to have at your side when you go on any camping trip is the Gerber LMF II Infantry. It is lightweight with its durable nylon handle and sheath. Whether in rain or shine, the forest or coast, this blade stays sharp and useful. With a blade that has a smooth sharp edge as well as a section that is serrated, you will be able to effectively finish any task that comes your way.

Our devoted overseas soldiers and public servants use Gerber Pocket Knives as well. There are a few different knives that are crafted and designed specifically to them. One of them is the Gerber Emerson Alliance Automatic Knife. With a durable stainless steel blade and strong handle, our defenders know that they can trust Gerber Pocket Knives to stay strong when their life is put in danger. Crafted to last in a survival setting, it is trusted and used by many. The automatic blade has an incredible safety function that works just like a safety on a gun, giving you ease on release and the option of manually closing it safely.

Gerber Pocket Knives also has a signature pocket knife that has all the gadgets built into it for the person who likes to have a multi-tool to carry around. The Gerber Clutch Special Ops is a pocket knife that anyone would be proud to have in their pocket. With its multiple screwdrivers, pliers, nail file and can opener, there is no problem that it cant tackle and overcome. The handle is made of airplane aluminum so you know that it is made to last and withstand anything.

No matter what you need a pocket knife for, Gerber Pocket Knives are designed to work for you.

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