Funny Trophy Awards To Diminish Office Stress


More than granting workers a pat on the shoulder, companies can also present a plaque valuing the employees’ share to the company. A trophy is a real token of the workers hardwork, too, and can consequently have unceasing impact on their morale. A trophy is plain to ready and will not cost the company as much funds.

Sports contests almost always conclude in the winner getting the biggest trophy. It’s the ultimate symbol of a competitor’s victory, the goal in every match. A competition without a trophy doesn’t look like a competition at all.

Physical contests aren’t the only field where trophies can be seen. They can also be seen in almost every match, including village events like cooking competitions, beauty pageants, and talent competitions. Even a local grade school gives away a trophy to the grand winner of their Spelling Bee match.

But it doesn’t always have to be a prize for the game champion. Believe it or not, there is also a need for trophies at the workplace.

Employees who have done an exceptional job are normally given appreciation plaques by the management. With these plaques, the employees know that their hard work is recognized and greatly valued, and whatever their place in the office is, they will endeavor to do more because they know they are respected members.

If plaques show appreciation and promote hard work, trophies can keep the balance in the workplace. A trophy doesn’t have to be about serious things all the time. It can be a source of amusement for the employees, who, amid the tension in the workplace, need a reminder that they need to loosen up a bit sometimes.

How about organizing an “awards show” once a year, wherein the employees receive honors for amusing achievements? Give an employee a Karaoke King or Dancing Queen trophy for the gifts he or she has exhibited one time during an office party. Or hand a worthy worker an award for consuming the most cups of coffee in a day.

That’s one way of creating balance in the work place. Although the whole year has been busy for everyone, an “awards show” once a year will make it fun. Laughing with each other will help lessen the stress and tension in the office.

The awards aren’t to wake up the competitive nature of the workers. They must be hilarious and inoffensive, and not at all serious. The purpose of this awards show is to let staff members loosen up and enjoy their colleagues’ company. They may need to focus and give their best at work, but they should also find time to laugh and relax. They may be there to work, but they should also be aware that they are working with their colleagues.

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