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The deeper the relationship, the more painful it is to break up. That’s why people are well-advised to conduct a Divorce Record Search on their partner before advancing a courtship to marriage or even just engagement. Somehow, it’s not easy for people to come clean with failed marital past even if deceit was not meant.

Whatever the case, the fact of the matter is that free public divorce records are readily accessible nowadays. People won’t be in the dark about a partner’s divorce or marriage history if only a little precautionary or due diligence action is taken.

Public Divorce Records are under State jurisdiction. They are one of the public vital records along with Marriage, Death and Birth which are maintained at state level. The majority of the states now have a central repository which is typically housed at the Statistics or Records Department. As divorce records can contain personal information, certain states impose some degree of restriction on its accessibility and use but by on large, they are accessible by the public as long as they are done through the proper channels. Standard information retrievable from public divorce records includes personal particulars of the couple, time and location, filing information, decree and child custody.

In the old days, public divorce records were not so readily available to the public. It would often be slow and expensive, involving lawyers and investigators. Things are very different today with computerized filing, retrieval and archive. In fact, the most widely used method for public divorce record retrieval is through the internet as it can be done in the comfort and privacy of your own quarters.

There are basically two versions of public divorce records, namely Free Divorce Records and the fee-based. As with most things in life, the FOC records won’t suffice for anything further than casual snooping or browsing. Fortunately, commercial competition in the records industry is keen so fees are reasonable and quality is high. It’s generally worth the expenditure as the stakes in public divorce records are often high.

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