Food To Eat When You Have Shingles


Dealing with shingles can be a really uncomfortable experience. A lot of the time the symptoms of this condition are not completely managed by regular medication which is prescribed. That is why many people often decide to try to find other ways to deal with shingles. One thing that may be helpful with dealing with the problem is a change in diet. When it comes to shingles, the following foods may provide some help.


Oatmeal is often touted as an effective food for dealing with shingles. The oatmeal is not actually eaten but is rather made into a paste and then placed on the affected area. This paste will then have a soothing effect on any part of the body where there are blisters caused by the shingles.


The symptoms which are caused by shingles can be really helped by vitamin C. You will find that both red and green peppers contain quite a bit of vitamin C so they should be added to your diet to ensure you are increasing your intake of this vitamin. Vitamin C is said to boost the immune system and to ward off infection. Not only will peppers provide you with the vitamin C you need, there are also a number of other fruits that you can eat too.


When it comes to dealing with pain one thing which is said to help is capsaicin and this is found in chilies. When your pain receptors are blocked, you feel less pain and that is how capsaicin works. It seems though that taking the capsaicin in food is not as effective as using a cream containing this chemical.

When dealing with shingles the foods above might help you to cope better. Just remember though that these are not meant to replace normal treatments; rather the goal is to complement them. Anything at all which helps to relieve the discomfort of shingles is a good thing.

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