Floating Docks – A Simple Safety Option For Fresh Water Docking


Floating docks are free standing structures, are typically platforms that are supported by pontoons, and are usually secured to shore by a ramp that has rollers. They are usually held in place by some type of anchor system that usually involves cables being attached to poles that have been sunk in the ground on land or under the water.

One of the best parts of owning a floating dock is that they are easy to construct. Not only that, but they come in pieces that can be fitted together easily. Furthermore, they are extremely portable. You can even remove them when your small watercraft is not using them so that you can extend their life.

One of the downfalls of these docks are that they can only support small watercraft because they are not built to support large amounts of weight, nor would they even be able to supply the same level of stability that a traditional, real dock would be able to. Another downfall is that they do not handle violent waters very well, as they will rock back and forth and possibly cause damage to the watercraft that they are attached to.

They are usually constructed in a factory and then shipped in modular units to the site. Construction is rather simplistic and can take less than a weekend to accomplish as they are like putting a simple puzzle together which each unit fitting snuggly into the next, which are usually held together with metal straps and plates.

Like with most things, the larger floating docks cost more than the smaller docks. You can buy them from companies that specialize in them. They can sell you a preconstructed dock or a kit so that you can do it yourself. When doing it yourself, though, be sure that you can handle the project. If you need to, ask a neighbor who is good with tools to come over or even hire a professional. There are a few types of construction tools that you will need to use to construct the dock. Not only that, but the building will go smoother when you have a decent knowledge of constructing these kinds of things.

These types of docks are a good solution for space saving in marina’s and other small area where a small watercraft may be anchored, and they are also an excellent option for homeowners with waterfront property.

Experienced owners of smaller vessels are more than ware of the benefits of floating style docks. These docks are not as heavy duty as the other types, but they get the job done are are perfect for smaller persona use vessels.



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