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It’s summertime, and the ants are out. Ants can really ruin your day if they get inside your home, so take a look at these tips for keeping your house ant-free.

If you find ants inside, try to figure out where they’re coming from. Ants are tiny, so they can get in through lots of places like under doors, windows, or small cracks. They usually live outside, so they’re probably coming from there. You can spray inside, but they’ll just keep coming unless you attack the source. That means getting rid of ant nests close to your house.

Make sure your house is clean. Ants love food and sweet things. Make sure your food is in containers or ziplock bags. Keep your sink clean and the dishes washed. Soda is an ant’s dream — they love the stuff! So make sure soda cans are rinsed and clean. Your garbage can is another place ants can find food, so take out the garbage often. Keeping your kitchen clean is an important part of keeping ants away.

Ants are also drawn to water. This is why they sometimes come in the bathroom. Don’t leave ants any sources of water.

If you’ve killed some ants inside your house, wash the area where they were. Ants leave chemical trails to tell other ants where they’ve been. If you don’t wash, they’ll just keep coming in the same way.

If your yard is infested, you can use a pesticide or other ant control product to get rid of ant mounds. Remember that most ants are beneficial insects, so don’t go overboard. Only kill ants nesting close to your house.

Boric acid, marketed as “Borax,” is a great way to kill ants inside. It’s easy to use and widely available. Follow the instructions on the box and be safe.

Hopefully these tips will help a lot toward making your summer ant-free! Have a great summer!

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