Fireproofing a restaurant


A restaurant just like any other workplace can be extremely dangerous if people don’t follow safety measures as they should do. The reason why restaurants are even more dangerous than a lot of other workplaces however is the many hot pots and pans, fryers, ovens and open flames which are used simultaneously. With this many risks in a restaurant it is extremely important that staff know how to deal with a fire should one occur.

There are lots of measures which restaurant owners and managers can take to make sure that their restaurant is as well protected from fires as possible. These measures should be taken to ensure the safety of any staff and customers in the restaurant. The first and most important thing is to make sure that there are enough fire extinguishers throughout the restaurant placed in the correct places.

Members of staff should receive good training on what their role is if a fire should occur in the restaurant. This should firstly include the locations of fire alarms, extinguishers and the meeting point but it is also advisable that staff are trained on how to use a fire extinguisher too.

There are a lot of combustible chemicals and other liquids used in restaurants and these should be kept well clear of any heat beyond room temperature. Any used combustibles must also be disposed of correctly and not left around where they could potentially become an explosive. Restaurant extraction should also be checked on a regular basis to avoid the restaurant filling with smoke and stopping people from finding the emergency exits.

When not in use any gas controlled cookers should be switched off at the source to cut off the gas supply until they are needed once again. If possible cookers should also be fitted with a thermostat which shuts them off automatically if they reach a certain temperature. To take things a little further it is also possible to have automatic wet chemical systems fitted to fryers.

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