Fire Safety And The Home


If you think about it, it makes sense for each home to have its own, tailor-made fire safety policy. After all, every hotel has one and so does each workshop and public building, so why ought to your family and home not be on a par with them? But how many families have one. I personally do not know of any. It is strange that we seem to undervalue our nearest and dearest so much.

So where should you go to find a fundamental fire safety plan? There are many places. You should be familiar with the fire safety scheme at your workshop for a start. Otherwise, you could go to you library or any public office and read theirs.

You will probably need to alter any public fire safety policy you read to home life, unless you intend handing out RFID tags or having a doorman to check everybody in and out. This is a tricky area. How do you know who is in and who is out in a large house?

The Fire Department will also be able to give you fire safety tips. In some countries, the fire department is glad to visit private homes free of charge to offer advice on how best to safeguard one’s family.

Smoke Detectors: There ought to be a smoke detector outside the kitchen (inside if nobody ever burns the toast) and on each stairs landing. They ought to be hardwired together, so that if one goes off they all go off and they could be coupled to the house main burglar alarm siren too. They ought to also get wired into the house mains electricity system with individual battery back ups.

Emergency Lighting: there should be emergency lights pointing towards the closest ground floor exit. These should be mains and battery powered too. Consider putting luminous strips on every (top) tread of the stairs, because you do not want people falling down the stairs in their dash to escape in the dark.

Fire Extinguishers: there should be a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and garage and on each landing as well. Consider putting a small one in every bedroom.

Personal Fire Safety Kit: it is a wise precaution to place some type of kit in every bedroom. This kit could contain: a fire blanket, safety goggles and a hand bell. A fire-resistant blanket against the heat; goggles so you may see in the smoke and a bell to warn the rest of the house if the alarms do not work or to call for help if you become trapped.

Intumescent Strips: you could automatically seal off parts most likely to catch fire with intumescent strips. You cut a groove in an hour-fire check door with a router all around the edge and insert a strip. At a certain temperature, the strip expands very quickly, sealing the door shut and localizing any fire. These doors must be shut first (door closers) naturally.

Make sure that everyone knows where to gather and phone missing family members. Hang your safety strategy in every toilet so that even guests get the opportunity to read it and you will have the safest home on the block.

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