Fire Extinguishers – Establishing All Different Forms


In the past it was obvious which fire extinguisher to use because its bold color could be seen even from a distance. The original color of all CO2 extinguishers was jet black only. The AFF extinguishers (foam) were cream colored. The water obviously was red. There aren’t just new kinds of fire extinguishers you can see today, but standardizing them means all extinguishers are red. The only noticeable difference is the label on the side of the extinguisher.

For this reason it is more important than ever before to not only have a clear understanding of the different types of extinguisher and what they should, and should not, be used for, but also how to recognize the fire extinguishers easily. The chief way to ready yourself for an emergency is to have the locations of various types extinguishers and their use. Safety regulations along with correct knowledge will dictate what extinguisher varieties should be placed where. That means you will find CO2 extinguishers, or possibly new ABC powder extinguishers where there is a significant amount of electronic equipment.

In the past, CO2 extinguishers were black, now they are red with a black label. It’s absolutely critical you’re aware of the difference, because to use a red fire extinguisher, which contains water to try to put out an electrical fire, could in certain circumstances, be fatal. A blue label indicates an extinguisher that uses powder, and though they are safer, their use is for specific instances of fire. You should recall that flame extinguishers do not run for very extended amount of time.

Even the very largest extinguisher only lasts for a few seconds, and so wasting precious seconds by misusing an extinguisher or using the wrong type of extinguisher can allow the fire to take hold, causing even more damage and presenting a greater danger. Most places have one or two people who serve as the fire marshals over the area. These appointed blaze marshals will charge to undertake adapted training in adjustment to be actual accustomed with the altered extinguisher types, able to bound analyze their colors and apperceive which to use in which circumstances, and how to use the extinguishers in the best way. It is a must that both marshal training and fire extinguishers don’t necessarily need to be expensive, but they have to be effective.

If a fire extinguisher can be bought cheaply, but if used the wrong way no matter what type or expense, it will not change the way the fire is put out if you don’t learn the proper way to extinguish it. Understanding what the different types of fire extinguishers are and how to use them is very important, because it is the people who use them who save lives, not the fire extinguisher itself. As you have observed there to contemplate when choosing and serving there are many types of units.

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