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Since our childhood, we all are taught with one lesson, that is, we have to go through the four stages of life, which are childhood, bachelor life, married life and retirement!  It is obviously a well known fact that the actual life which brings in a number of responsibilities comes to a person after marriage.

It is the time when the person is responsible to take care of his family, raise his/her children, and top of it, share all the happy and sad moments with the life partner. To get married is the most important decision which an individual makes in his/her lifetime. It is concerned with the future as well as the present life of anyone. One can easily go through every vicissitudes in the life while holding the hand of his/her life partner.

Getting married, a moment of lifetime

The time when one gets married, becomes the most memorable event in his/her life. It is the time that is not only cherished by the couple, but also the family members and other relatives attending the wedding ceremonies. In India, marriage has always been an institution, which involves other members of families as well, including parents, siblings and children. To make the event an unforgettable, one needs to have advice of experts so that everything goes well.

No matter it is a love or an arranged marriage, it has to go through lots of planning. In the arranged marriages, this starts with finding the suitable match for the boy or girl of the marriageable age. It is the main concern of the Indian parents to search the best matches within the same community or the caste. Many families still prefer looking for the best alliances within the same sub-caste. Selecting a person to spend the entire life is not an easy task and is a decision of lifetime, which not only calls for enough time to decide, but also respect the wishes of the person who is about to get married.


It is a matter of the entire life and is important for both man and woman. The decision of marriage has been traditionally mostly taken by the elders of the families, but this trend has now changed somewhat and the youngsters now have taken the charge to find their soul mates on their own. They prefer taking this decision after considering all the aspects without being influenced by anyone.

This thought of youngsters has been supported by the matrimonial websites that have helped them to take decisions by sorting the most suitable profiles for them, as per their preferences. In India, the concept of matrimonial sites has become popular, and has revolutionized the avenues of interaction among the youngsters. This has liberalized even the thinking of the elders of the families, who find it more convenient to hunt for the best match for their children while sitting in the comfort of their homes.

The market is flooded with a number of matrimonial websites some of them are community specific. These websites also include the detailed information about the concerned person and his family, and the photographs of the prospective alliances, which certainly help to sort the most suitable profiles.

With so many matrimonial websites around, one need to be extra cautious while putting photographs on any random website, as many of them are spammers and there are chances that the information can be misused. If safety is your prime concern, search for the most reputed websites, so that you can be assured of no mishandling of your valuable information like contact number, address or photographs.

Author Bio: Rashmi Karan is passionate writer who loves to share her views on relationships and matrimonial alliances.



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