Fiberglass Construction-Reasons For High Popularity Of Fiberglass Construction


There is marked global demand for fiberglass construction. Statistics indicate that nearly 70 % of the composite materials produced and used in modern industry is comprised by fiberglass. The major reasons for this are its versatility, its durability and its lightness of weight and its resistance to corrosion.

Before we delve into the reasons for high preference for fiberglass construction, let us first understand what fiberglass itself is made of. As the name itself suggests, ‘Fiberglass’ is made from very fine fibers of glass. It is borne of a complex process of reinforcement with polymer and glass products. Basically fiberglass is produced when liquid glass is passed through fine nozzles followed by solidification of these streams. The end result is that these streams are then brought together into a single strand and wound into a spool. Thereafter, these strands are combined together to produce different products. One of them is glass-fiber reinforced plastic. It consists of a combination of fibers of glass and polymer resin. Now the polymer resin which is normally used is polyester. This is in itself brittle and has low strength. When fibers of glass are embedded in the polymer, it becomes strong, resilient and flexible.

Fiberglass blocks can trap air inside themselves due to which they were initially used for insulation. As time passed fiberglass was being used for other industrial purposes and grew on popularity charts. Fiberglass is also utilized for reinforcing different materials, specifically plastic products and sound absorption apart from its utility in electrical and thermal insulation. Fiberglass is used in making pole vault poles, swimming pool linings, high strength fabrics, boat hulls, roofs, mats, furniture, archery bows, fishing rods, surfboards, skis, goalie masks and automobile bodies. Due to such countless applications fiberglass is getting very popular and demand for it is increasing.

Because of its amazing qualities fiberglass is applied for making several products. This is the reason as to why fiberglass construction surpasses all other kinds of construction. Fiberglass can be tooled, molded and manufactured in a wide variety of ways so it is favored by all manufacturers. The other advantage it enjoys is of its affordability. Working with fiberglass is economical and reasonable compared to other materials. It is also characterized by a high surface area to weight ratio. Fiberglass is non-corrosive and durable. Another quality of fiberglass is that it is light in weight. It can endure extreme environments like harsh temperatures, chemical acids and even ultra-violet light. More so, manufacturers prefer fiberglass over other materials as it can be created in varied colors, finishes and textures as per the requirement.

It is because of all these advantages that a lot of manufacturers want to go in for fiberglass construction. This is particularly true for those in the boat building industry. This is because it has been found that fiberglass contributes in a major way in building high-quality boats which are strong and durable. With the recent developments in technology of producing fiberglass, it has become a preferred choice of material for most boat manufacturers to build solid and laminated fiberglass hulls for boats and yachts.

There are many reasons to go with fiberglass construction to build something that will last long and look good: .



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