Faux Stone Columns – Wrap and Covers


The usage of faux stone columns is endless. You can utilize them as mailbox columns, lamp posts or as balustrades. You can utilise them as assist for your gates and fences and they will have the precise perfect look of original stones. You may install them in any place where you want to draw the attention of your guests as it offers welcoming presence. You can give that polished touch to your house exterior with faux stone columns. They are durable and would last for your life time.

The faux stone columns are expert solutions for your exterior design requirements. They are light weight as well as easy to install but though have that realistic look of stone. You will love to have this due to its crash resistant quality. You may opt for to build the faux stone columns by yourself. They are often utilised for themed rooms and basement recreation rooms. The look of these rooms is enhanced with faux stone columns.

You have to erect assist columns first and then construct the faux stone columns around it. The help columns are real columns as well as are unsightly. The faux stone columns are one of the fantasy elements to your room. You have to make them to scale. whether you want to install these columns by yourself you have to master the techniques for making them. This is relatively simple and anyone may learn that with the construction materials available readily at stores that sell house improvement materials.

To make the faux stone columns at your house you have to select that sort of stone which you want to appear on the column. usually you may make utilize of river rock or cobble stones or flat faced flagstones. You can moreover make your faux stone columns look as yet they are produced of big blocks of solid stone. You can leave the blocks of stone smooth or make it appear to have dressed with vertical flutes just like classic columns of Roman culture.

You can make utilize of craft paper to make floor to ceiling column shapes as well as then tape them to the wall. You can trim the width whether it appears to be too thick. You have to plan for number of columns you will need. You must not forget that the columns are supports for something. You may make use of rigorous Styrofoam product for sculpting the faux stone columns. They are acutely durable. You may furhermore make use of poly bead foam insulation. You can buy them from house improvement stores.



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