Faux Stacked Stone Panels Sale


There are so many advantages of utilising faux stacked stone panels. You are able to get the look of natural stones at the fraction of cost of employing the actual stones. Installation is very simple that you can do it all by yourself with the assist of your family members.

For installing stone panels you need the help of professional contractor plus this would price you more money. similarly this would be a time consuming process. also there is no require of heavy machinery to install faux stacked stone panels.

They come with manufacturer’s warranty what’s more they are extremely durable. You can impart that trendy look to your home in a relatively short time.

The faux stacked stone panels are best for those persons who love the look of natural stones on the exterior part of their house. You can attach this with no trouble to any not easy wall surface. especially those walls that are created of cement are challenging for attaching veneers. You do not require any kind of remarkable arrangement.

The faux stacked stone panels are created from materials that are formed to look like stones. usually cement besides other stone materials are mixed with iron oxide for to make these materials.

Then this mixture is poured into stone shaped molds. These molds are cast from real stones and so have the look of real stones. The faux stacked stone panels are quite realistic in appearance, texture furthermore shape.

The faux stacked stone panels are normally 2 inches in thickness moreover can be up to 3 and half inches deep. You can install them just like you install natural stone panels. You have to prepare the surface for installing these panels.

Installation may include sticking waterproof paper, metal lath plus thin coat of mortar if essential. You have to create such preparations for those surfaces that are not produced of cement.

This is complete to strengthen the surface besides prevent it from breaking. utilising this method you can cover even the drywall or plywood wall with faux stacked stone panels.

You do not need any sealant for faux stacked stone panels. however if you wish to seal them you may do it. You have to seal these panels if the weather is rough.

If you seal them you have to touch them up from time to time. Otherwise there is no require for maintenance. simply washing them at times would be enough for faux stacked stone panels.



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