Exercise The LES Muscle – Using Several Techniques


The LES muscle is a valve that controls the flow of food from your mouth into your stomach. Every time you swallow, the food travels at the bottom of the esophagus tube where the LES muscle is situated. This valve opens to let food content into the stomach and closes tightly in order to prevent the digestive acids from backing up.

In this article, you will find an overview, of some exercise tips in order to increase the strength of the LES muscle.

Many people suffer from heartburn or acid reflux simply because they are overweight. So weight control plays a big part in recovery of these symptoms as well. Added pressure on the diaphragm pushes the stomach upward, therefore causing the LES muscle to open at inappropriate times making the person very uncomfortable.

Smoking and exercising the LES muscle do not pair together. Everybody knows, smoking is bad for their health. If you are having acid reflux regularly, you should consider stopping. Smoking actually weakens the valve muscle by obstructing the normal circulation of air and blood in your body.

If you are the type of person who always needs to empty your dish, regardless of the amount of food, then you need to change your eating habits. If you are always loosening your belt pants every time you eat, again, you are due for a lifestyle change. Both habits are major reasons why people suffer from symptoms of acid reflux.

Exercise the LES muscle using these techniques.
While lifestyle change is very important, you can also exercise the LES muscle by using relaxation techniques. These techniques include meditation, deep breathing and guided imagery.

Meditation- this does not have to be a long process, taking 30 minutes or one hour out of your day can greatly improve your stress levels thus reducing the incidents of acid reflux. Sit in a quiet area of the home, put on some soothing music or sit in the quiet, and if you wish, you can include some sort of aroma therapy to help you relax. This technique is best done when you know there will be few distractions.

Deep breathing- For this exercise you should begin in a standing position, take a deep breath through your nose and count to 5 hold the breath for another 5 seconds and slowly breathe out through your mouth. This exercise will allow you to reduce your stress level and should be done in repetitions of 10. This exercise is good even if you are at work, it takes literally seconds to complete and can make a big difference in your acid reflux problem.

Although there are some people who might debate the effectiveness of guided imagery, many other people believe guided imagery is the most powerful way to heal the underlying cause of many diseases, including cancer. The idea is based on thinking about positive images, which make you feel good. It could be something that makes you laugh or a fond memory. You can do this by laying down or sitting in a relax position for 15 minutes and just imagine the best thing that could happen. You can purchase guided imagery CD’s or cassettes to follow along with the storyteller. You can even imagine drinking a magic potion that could heal and strengthen your LES muscle.

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