Examples Of Genetically Modified Food Products & Crops


Genetically modified food also known as GM foods has been a topic of public debate with a growing audience. Genetically modified food is normally plants or crops made utilising molecular biology technology for the consumption of animal and man. ordinarily the focus of the debates is the end results consumption of these foods will have on the consumer.

Eamples of genetically modified food span a huge diversity moreover statistics prove that there are through 40 varieties of genetically modified plants to date. examples of genetically modified food include tomatoes, carrots, soya-bean, cantaloupe, sugar beet etc. The advantage of genetically modified food is that it allows the farmer to harvest larger crops.

As a result instances of genetically modified food are commonly found in supermarkets plus are usually a lot cheaper than their rival ‘organic’ food which are crops grown without the utilise of molecular biology. thence it is vital to be able to identify genetically modified food, in addition make sure they are not a hazard to public health besides safety.

Processed foods are normally measured examples of genetically modified food because they contain genetically modified ingredients. It is hard to compile a list of foods that contain genetically modified ingredients all the same when purchasing products if you see the following ingredients are included then the processed food will be measured a genetically modified food.

Examples of such genetically modified food (or rather ingredients utilized in processed food include Corn, which has been developed to resist pests therefore it is consequential to look out for genetically modified corn in oils, drinks, snacks etc, likewise Canola commonly used to create margarine additionally oils, or even cotton seed oil similarly used in snacks, fried furthermore baked goods.

Other examples of genetically modified food includes dairy products (statistics have proven that 22% of US cows are injected with bovine growth hormone), potatoes (, Rice, Soya – bean, Golden Rice , all foods that are always seen as ingredients in processed foods.

Notwithstanding as the above list provides it is feasible to argue that it close to impossible to refrain from consuming genetically modified foods as examples of genetically modified food are used as ingredients in many products.

Nevertheless it is fundamental to avoid consuming merely genetically modified foods as pundits argue that due to genetic engineering furthermore horizontal gene transfer utilized in creating these crops, may cause new viruses furthermore contribute to cancer in addition spreading of it.

Thus it is essential that as a consumer you are aware of the ingredients that go into the foods you purchase. As proven complete the article although you can be avoiding foods that are genetically modified you can not be aware that instances of genetically modified food can be seen in processed foods.



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