Enormous and Powerful: Samsung UN60D8000 Review


With bigger and stronger TVs coming out all of the time, it's usual to need to get the very best device which cash can buy. Samsung lately released its latest entry in the 60″ TV market with the Samsung UN60D8000, a huge, amazing looking TV that is certain to turn heads. It's a good looking device and fits snugly on any picture enthusiast’s wall, but does it pack as much technology and features as the price warrants?

First, the Samsung UN60D8000 has a great design, with a miniscule black frame of less than an in., and an overall thickness of 1.5″. This makes it look beautiful on the wall, while it also has a transparent four-legs stand. The back also has all the connectors you might need, including 4 HDMI ports, a PC port and part video and audio. This TV has all the essential elements that you would expect from this price range. It supports full HD at 1080p resolution, together with colour adjustments for brightness and contrast, and a large amount of other extra options. Samsung also has its ultra dimming option to control the lightness, and supply a very good black and colour gamut. But some reviews have noted a slight difference in lightness from one side of the screen to the next which may affect your viewing experience when watching dark images.

When it comes to 3D, the Samsung UN60D8000 has full 3D support too , and incorporates two pairs of glasses. These are much better quality than earlier versions, since they are lighter and more content to wear. They use Bluetooth to speak with the gizmo and can be recharged by plugging them in. It also comes with Samsung’s Smart hub, which is their Web portal. The TV has a wifi and will load any internet site on its built in internet browser. You can also use apps without delay on the TV such as Netflix and Facebook.

The remote doubles as a QWERTY keyboard so that you can do searches and type messages. It has also got an in-built screen in the remote which makes it much more usable than other models. Overall it’s a wonderful solution to observe additional content directly from the Web, although it won't give you a web experience that is quite close with a P. C..

The Samsung UN60D8000 packs all of the features you would expect for a $3,000 TV and has a great image quality, though the variable brightness issue may result in some Problems for people. But aside from that, you may be certain that this LED TV will last you a while, and provide entertainment from many sources for years to come, as Samsung is a well-known brand, and once more produced a top-notch machine a TV you can count on for your living room needs.

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