Electrical Craftsman Duties – 3 Things to Keep in Mind


When asked “What is an Electrician?” most people would say an electrician is somebody who installs electrical wiring and gear. Well this is partly true, but do not think that being an electrical craftsman is “just another job.” There is far more to working as an electrical craftsman than you may think.

Electrical Safety

In England the Electricity at Work Laws and the IEE Wiring Laws cover the working practices and responsibilities of electricians and they must comply with their standards. This responsibility sets electricians aside from other trades in the construction industry. An awareness and a concern for electrical safety and the happiness of end users of electrical installations should always be to the forefront of an electrician’s mind.

Electrical Work

An electrician must have many talents and a understanding of a large range of technical and questions of safety. Electrical work is involved in nearly all aspects of modern life and qualified electricians can opt to specialize in particular areas of the industry. Many electricians may select the sort of work they try depending on their location. For example, if an electrical craftsman lives in an economic area they could find work in a factory and build up experience in the maintenance of electrical hardware or machinery. This may involve installing or correcting electric motors and plant or working in dangerous areas where further special skills are needed.

There is also a great variety of electrical work in the commercial sector like installing Fire and Security Alarms or Communication and Data Systems. Some electricians concentrate on domestic electrical work and specialise in the installation and upkeep of household electrical systems including lighting, power and electric or boiler heating. ‘Smart Homes ‘, Structured Cabling and Safeguard Systems are also getting more common as an element of a domestic electrician’s job. Renewable Energy installations such as Sun-powered Heating and Photograph Voltaic or PV and are new areas where electricians skills are needed.


Studying an occupational or trade talent in the electrical industry can set you on the trail to a satisfying career as an electrical engineer. Turning into a qualified electrical engineer is an ideal career choice for those with the doggedness and zeal to succeed. Electrical trainees will find that their schooling as an electrical craftsman will be continuing as electrical practices and rules develop to stay abreast of new technology and products. This implies that experienced professional electricians are often required to undertake further coaching to help broaden and improve their existing talents and qualifications. Being an electrical craftsman can be both exciting and rewarding in this swift moving technical world.

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