Easy Ideas For An Outdoor Bonsai Garden


Even if you already own one bonsai tree, you might want to add a few more to create an outdoor bonsai garden in just a few easy steps. Here are some ideas to easily start a garden that will suit your plants and personal style.

One of the most visually appealing bonsai garden arrangements is the rock garden. For this type of setting you should choose plants that have strong roots and small leaves. When beginning a new bonsai garden, Oriental Bittersweet and ficus are popular choices, and they are readily available at the majority of nurseries.

Once you’ve decided on the type of plants you’d like in your rock garden, start arranging large stones onto the surface of the soil. Sometimes you can find some attractive stones at construction sites, but most likely you’ll want to buy them at a landscaping supply company or nursery. Make sure the rocks are really solid, as they’ll be put to use in shaping the bonsai tree. And don’t opt for perfectly smooth stones, because they’ll need some nooks and crannies to hold soil and water. If you do it right, you’ll have the sense that the tree is growing directly from the stone.

You can also create a bonsai garden using the potted plants you already have. Rock fountains can make a great addition to any garden along with decorative pillars; this way your bonsai garden will be the focus of attention. Depending on the amount of space you have, you may also opt to create a man-made pond in the middle of your garden.

Using several trees of just one species can give an attractive effect, but using a few different types can make an outdoor bonsai garden even more appealing. For example, choose a pine and arrange it beside a miniature cherry tree, which will offer different looks throughout the season as it blossoms and then bears fruit. This creates a stunning contrast, as you wouldn’t normally see these two species together in the wild.

The cultivation of indoor bonsai trees has been an eastern tradition for centuries, and is now enjoying increasing popularity in western society as well. Visit the Indoor Bonsai site for the information you need to choose a plant and watch it flourish.

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