Easy Way To Help Relieve Shoulder Pain


The shoulder is a very versatile and movable joint. It is used to control almost all motions of the arm, and when there is shoulder pain it affects the everyday life of the sufferer and regular movements can further aggravate the problem. Shoulder pain is a frequent complaint commonly seen by doctors.

Some shoulder problems are a result of an injury to the tendons which attach muscles to bone. Other injuries can be to the muscle themselves. They can also involve the tendons, which are responsible for attaching bones to each other. An injury to any of these three areas can be a big problem because in order for the shoulder to work, muscles, tendons and ligaments must work together.

In order to treat and correct shoulder pain, it is important to determine where the problem begins. A doctor can decipher that through an exam, MRI or through the use of x rays. It can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint the problem, and a doctor or specialist can help to get to the root of the problem.

Many times, a doctor will recommend resting the affected shoulder. The restriction of motion in the joint can allow the problem to repair and can also help to prevent further injury. It can, however, be counterproductive to keep the shoulder completely movement free as this can cause muscle deterioration. Always follow the instructions given by a doctor but if the problem worsens or if the shoulder feels stiff and more sore, go back to see him or her again.

A compress applied to the affected area can bring relief on some cases. If there is inflammation, applying ice can help to reduce the swelling and provide relief from the pain associated with it. Applying heat can also provide pain relief, and can be used in conjunction with cold or on its own. This method helps patients experience release from pain without using medications and can be quite effective.

Many people find medication can help as well. Some drugs can be prescribed by a physician, but others are available over the counter and can help too. Pain relievers and anti-inflammatory preparations are effective and help in many ways. Carefully follow the label to ensure that they are being used properly and that they will not cause a reaction with other drugs or prescriptions that may be taken at the same time.

In severe cases, surgery can be indicated. Physicians use this to directly repair the shoulder and repair muscles, ligaments and tendons. Some people find that relief can be found with the use of massage or acupuncture. If this is an option, it can certainly be tried.

A physician or physiotherapist can advise patients of exercises that can be performed to strengthen the muscles in the shoulder and help to prevent problems in the future. These may also help to rebuild muscle if the shoulder has been inactive due to an injury or following surgery. Many of these type of exercises can be performed in the home without the use of special or expensive equipment. They are very effective and may help to speed recovery.

A Seattle chiropractor works with many different types and causes of pain. You can consult with a Seattle chiropractic professional to gain relief from shoulder, back and hip pain symptoms.



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