Dummy’s Guide to Pegasus Kitchen Faucets


A new faucet for your kitchen is what you need but now you do not know what to do next. Many people do not. The replacement of a new faucet is not something people often do. Though this may be true, a purchase of a new faucet should not be done in haste. The choice of a new kitchen faucet will be much easier to understand once you are aware of what it entails. Understand the following tips will allow you to decide on a buying strategy and make the right decision which will be one that will last for several years before needing replaced.

Question #1: Here is a very important question. Will you be replacing a Pegasus kitchen faucet or will there be a new one installed where there was none? Why is this so important? Because if there was already a faucet there it will have the necessary plumbing. If it had a faucet the new Pegasus faucet will require the same amount of holes. Counting these holes is an important step.

All in One Faucets

Some sinks only have a single hole. If this is the case, the faucet you will need is a single handle faucet. This type only requires one hole for the spout and handle. (If you want to add a sprayer this will require an extra hole.)

Three-Piece faucet

Do you have an older, traditional sink with three holes? If so, you probably have a two-handle faucet, having a separate hot and cold tap, and another another hole for the spout, and possibly even a fourth for the sprayer. Some kitchen sinks even have integrated sprayers and soap dispensers, which demonstrates the need to investigate the number of holes that much more obvious.

Question #2: Do you have plenty of space? If you measure the space where the new kitchen faucet will be put before you buy, the fit will be the right one. There are so many Pegasus faucets from which to choose, ensuring the right fit is extremely important before buying.

Question #3: Which handles do you like the best? The regular kitchen faucets have one handle that can be turned either way to get hot water or cold water. They may have two handles with one going to the hot water and the other going to the cold water. The one piece type normally have the handle attached to the faucet or one that is at the side where the sprayer usually resides. This is a decision that is up to you – it is what you prefer.

Question #4: With all the Pegasus kitchen faucets you may choose from, which one will fit your kitchen as well as your personal preference? There are so many types and materials from which they are made it is not an easy choice. There are many who choose just a simple, plain faucet for their needs. The traditional type are usually chrome plated. Often people will choose the same type they removed from the sink. They have just used this type for so long, they have become accustomed to it and so they choose the same type. There are those however, that will choose something a little more high end and decorative. There are many that are the same type as sold by the big name faucet makers such as Pegasus, Kohler and Moen. The affordable and stylish faucets made by Pegasus are available in several different great looking finishes. Brushed nickel and chrome are a couple. The Pegasus is a private label from Home Depot and is available at many actual stores as well as many online retailers of faucets.

Question #5: Have you chosen the sprayer you prefer? Quite simply there are two choices. The type that is separate from the faucet or the type that is combined with the faucet. This is entirely a matter of preference. One works no better than the other.

Question #6: Do you use your sink for washing oversized pots and pans? Many people who like to cook use oversized pans. The kitchen faucet with a longer neck will allow you to put these larger pots and pans in the sink for washing.

Question #7: Would you prefer to have a water filter?

If a water filter would be more advantageous to you than buying bottled water, you will like the idea of a faucet with a filter built in. With a faucet which contains a built in filter, you will have clean, refreshing water however, plain faucets will normally allow for an attached filter as well.

Question #8: Are you planning to do this project yourself or are you going to call a professional installer? Different model of sinks are more complex when it comes to installing the faucets. Some are put in from the top of the sink and some are put in from the bottom. The installation process for these two types are totally different. The next factor you will want to think about are the types of faucets. There are four – 1) compression valve, 2) cartridge, 3) ceramic disk and 4) ball valve. The use of the faucets is not going to make a big difference when it comes to the different kinds but should they need repair certain ones are easier to repair than others. If you are planning to do it yourself, check into all the aspects first and make your choices wisely.

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