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A driver is a skilled individual who drives a particular vehicle professionally and proficiently. It is not an easy job for all. Only a few individuals are able to work as a competent driver. We all know that this sector has shown a widespread expansion in recent times. The most important thing that you require to be a driver is a valid driving license. You should also be an excellent driver.

Now, given below is a sample driver cover letter for your help. It could really help you secure a decent job:

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Dear Mr. /Mrs. Last Name,
In search of a goal oriented position as a driver in your transportation company. I saw your advertisement in one of the local newspapers and would like to present my job application for the same. I am aware of all the jobs concerned with the job of a driver as I have directed other drivers who drive big trucks loaded with trailer, for dragging wood from the jungle to storeroom. I really feel that I am the best one for this post.

I have appropriate driving license and willing to enhance my acquaintance and driving skills for public safety and pleasing hauling needs for the inhabitants of our city. I am a dependable and trustworthy employee. I am also prepared to work during odd hours. I even have 5 years of outstanding driving experience. I have worked with a principal transportation company of our nation.

I can driver safely and carefully under all types of circumstances. I really feel that these skills provide me an edge over other applicants. So, please do consider me for this position.

So, if you think there is common interest then please call me on the numbers given above. I truly look forward to meet you as soon as possible. I have enclosed my resume along with this cover letter for your review.

I express my thankfulness for taking me into consideration for this post.



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