Download Excel Analysis Toolpak Add-In – 2003, 2007


We were recently given home work in Business Statistics. The home work is about Histogram and stem-and-leaf data analysis. I thought that it would be most convenient to have it done using excel.

So I jumped on my microsoft office 2003 excel, then tried to install the analysis toolpak but I got an error dialog saying that the necessary file which is pro11.msi is missing.

I immediately invaded Google, searching and scouring to see if I can download it. I eventually did and installed it, but that didn’t stop the error dialog from popping up again.

I went back to Google again to see if I can get suggestions on how to fix the error and probably get the missing file; whatever the heck it is. I later found out from forum suggestions that the following files are missing;


To cut long story short, it took me almost 24hrs looking for these said files. I eventually found them, so I thought I should share them with those who are still probably immersed in the search engines looking for the Microsoft Excel Analysis Toolpak add-in before they get drowned, because honestly it was at the point of giving up the search that I found them in a zipped folder link on obscured location on techyguy’s forum.

Download Excel Analysis Toolpak Add-In:

Click here: Excel Analysis Toolpak Add-In


Unzip the folder and copy the file contents into this directory; C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\Library\Analysis

If you don’t have Analysis folder in the Office11 Library, create one. Just know that the folder should look like the one above.

After doing that, open excel, click on tools, then click on add-ins, you will see analysis toolpak, tick the box and install. It should work.

If you have problems or suggestions you can add them in the comment section below.



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