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Tailored Dog Collars...

Tailored Dog Collars

by Richard Branson Tailored Dog Collars A bit of knowledge about dog collars is no big deal if you own a god or know someone who does. These are a necessity for dogs and their owners, because they protect the animal and if it gets lost the tags that.

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How to Choose a Collar for Your Dog-4 Ways...

How to Choose a Collar for Your Dog-4 Ways

by T. Clark There are many different ways to choose a collar for your dog. I am just going to give you a few options on how to do so. I will list four ways here to be exact. One way to choose would be to know the measurements of your dogs neck. If.

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Dog Collars Can Be Functional And Stylish...

Dog Collars Can Be Functional And Stylish

Dog collars are a functional item that keep our furry little friends safe, but they can also be an accessory for a fashionable pup. Some canine neck wear made strictly to hold identification tags and to connect to a leash, while others are created.

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Little Chihuahua Collars for Small Chihuahua Dogs...

Little Chihuahua Collars for Small Chihuahua Dogs

If you’ve been paying attention, then you’ve probably been noticing all the new chihuahua collars that are popping up everywhere, lately. Walking down the sidewalk with my chihuahuas, I see these customized and haute couture chihuahua.

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How Designer Dog Collars Make The Perfect Present This Christmas...

How Designer Dog Collars Make The Perfect Present This Christmas

As the last page of the calendar comes up, so too does the time for Christmas gift shopping. If your list includes your favorite furry friend, or perhaps a friend with a dear pet, then finding the right present just got easier. Anyone who loves.

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High Tech going to the dogs (and cats)...

High Tech going to the dogs (and cats)

Bill Clinton once said that 20 years ago no one, but the most scientifically superior, knew about the internet… and now (as he put it): “…even my dog has a blog”, so it’s no shock that the high technology marketplace is.

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Are Lighted Dog Collars Effective?...

Are Lighted Dog Collars Effective?

One of the most important issues that come along with a dog collar is purchasing the right size. There are plenty of owners out there who suspect they know the perfect size, but when the collar is placed on the dog it does not fit right. When this.

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Helpful Guides In Selecting An Efficient Dog Collar...

Helpful Guides In Selecting An Efficient Dog Collar

A dog collar functions in so many ways, it can be medical information or identification tag and is used as the common tool to direct and teach dogs some tricks. It speaks about the personality and attitude having a vast choices, every canine owner.

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Check Your Pet’s Collar Regularly...

Check Your Pet’s Collar Regularly

Your dog or cat’s collar should be checked regularly to ensure a combination of proper fit, weight fluxes and condition. A collar that is too tight or too loose can be dangerous or even fatal to your pet. You need to check the collar of your.

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Customizing Dog Collars...

Customizing Dog Collars

In older times, women are the only ones who really find time to think about the kind of fashion that they do have. They would even spend long hours looking at themselves in the mirror for them to be sure that they do have the right kind of fashion..

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Best Options For Pet Supply Wholesalers...

Best Options For Pet Supply Wholesalers

Millions all around the world own lots of different types of pets including cats, dogs, amphibians, reptiles, fish, small mammals and much more. Usually, someone who owns an animal has to deal with items required to take care of the pet, such as pet.

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Dog Collars Suit Many Styles and Breeds...

Dog Collars Suit Many Styles and Breeds

Dog collars come in such a great number of diverse variations and styles that choosing the right one may possibly be practically as hard as voting for your most favorite dog breed. The very first thing to be considered is your dog’s basic.

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