Does Cleansing Apparatus Really Work?


Cleansing is actually the removal of dangerous particles from the surface of an object or even from a human body. Consequently it is not as easy as it seems to be. a variety of solutions have been made to cleanse medical tools, armed hardware, vehicles, apparatuses for taking water samples from various areas etc. There is a long list of contaminants but few are as under:

Micro – organisms such as bacteria and viruses Organic matter such as blood, faeces, and vomit Soil Dust

Decontamination involves different processes like cleaning (cleans the part to some extent), disinfecting (helps a little more), sterilising (helps a lot), and thus maintaining the life of an equipment. Before doing anything else, equipment should be cleaned by removing dust or soil particles that is pretty easy to do. It can be done by using simple water and detergent.

After cleaning it methodically, disinfection process is started that kills utmost but not all micro-organisms. Sterilisation is a procedure that in fact removes all microorganisms and removes them totally from the apparatus.

Decontamination equipment is that equipment that decontaminates instruments and equipments. Its purpose is to remove all the unwanted particles and organisms from equipments so that they can not spread infection to human beings or damage the functioning of other equipments. But sometimes while handling decontamination equipment, a person can be affected badly. So, it is always recommended to wear coat, gloves, and glasses. Shoes and full length pants should also not be ignored. Chemical means to decontaminate anything can be life threatening for the person handling them.

Decontamination equipments that have been used to decontaminate medical instruments are really helpful. Negligence in this part can cause serious damage to human health by spreading different diseases from one patient to the other, decontamination really works in this regard.

As far as armed apparatus are concerned, you cannot recommend cleansing apparatus with surety. Army people believe that there has to be some better option to this instead of following old processes and procedures. Reason behind this can be the destruction that cleansing apparatus and various agents used in it cause to the surroundings. They are not only dangerous to surroundings but also to the hardware itself that has to be cleaned. They are inflammable so are not safe to use in ships for cleansing purposes. They also damage the apparatus to some extend and are dangerous and sometimes lethal to handle.

After discussing health and armed point of view, let us see what happens when cleansing process takes place in a business. It is seen that easy washing and cleaning is not a difficulty, but when sterilisation is done, it ruins the materials or apparatus, especially if irradiation procedure is adopted.

So, we see that we do not have any other choice at the moment but to make use of decontamination equipment in order safeguard other equipments from contamination. What we can do is to take serious precautionary measures before handling it to avoid any damage to ourselves or to the instruments and equipment. Wearing proper dress for it and taking prior training is the best solution at the moment.

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