Do I need to use Distilled Water in my Humidor?


Humidors and coolidors are some of the most important cigar accessories. A lot of people wonder whether or not it’s really necessary to use distilled water in these devices. The main point of these devices is to provide a constant level of humidity and, therefore, a reliable system is necessary. Distilled water is a part of that. You can find it at any grocery store. It’s purified through a process where it’s boiled into steam and then recollected and condensed, eliminating contaminants.

Tap water has to be avoided. The sensitive environment inside a humidor can be affected by the impurities in tap water. This includes releasing pollutants from the tap water into the interior environment of the humidor. Most often, when the tap water evaporates, it will leave behind a white dust. This dust can create nasty deposits and, in some cases, it may encourage the growth of microorganisms. This residue can also foul sponges and beads, rendering them useless.

There are also chemicals in tap water that may release pollutants into the environment in the cigar case. You’ll need to make sure that there’s no chlorine in any of the water you use, and tap water generally does contain plenty of chlorine. Chlorine can actually prevent the space from becoming fully humidified. Distilled water can get you up to 70 percent moisture. Be sure to clean and dry the area after you spray.

Cleanliness is also vital. Anything that invades the humidor can affect the taste of your cigars. Mold is a major threat, as well, and cleanliness prevents it. One particular concern is temperature. If you have a small cigar box, keep it out of the sun to avoid temperature increases. Hot rooms can also be a problem. Bugs and fungus are both attracted by high levels of heat and can destroy cigars. Instead of enjoying a great cigar, you’ll be looking at a lot of wasted money when you open up your box!

Don’t use tap water to humidify your cigar storage area. You’ll end up wasting your cigars. The very precise levels of humidity required do not lend themselves to using tap water. The 70 percent range is ideal and easy to maintain with distilled water. With a clean and humid environment, your cigars can be stored for years. You’ll find distilled water, for very cheap, in your grocery store. Good practices ensure that your cigars taste great every time you light up.



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