Different Types Of Bidet Plumbing


The use of toilet paper doesn’t satisfy the needs of some of the homeowners. They consider toilet paper as an appropriate material for cleaning their bottom. Also, the toilet paper doesn’t render a cleaner operation than the other alternatives available in the market. One such alternative of toilet paper is the bidet plumbing.

Bidet plumbing comprises of a bidet (toilet) unit, the hose and the associated connectors. The hose offers a fine jet of water that cleans your bottom efficiently. Water-wash provides better results than the toilet paper.

Generally, there are two types of bidets that are available in the market, the stand alone bowl and the spray hose. While the stand alone bowl type offers a detached setting to wash your bottom, the spray hose allows you to wash the specific areas with ease. Hence, the spray hoses are preferred over the stand alone bowl types of the bidets.

Instead of going for a stand-alone setup, choose the spray hose setting for your home toilets. Walk down to a supply store or a home improvement store and ask the concerned salesperson for a spray hose bidet unit. Make sure that the length of the hose is over 3 feet as a length below that would not allow easy access to the spray hose. Open the package to locate the essential associations such as nuts, bolts, connectors, mountings, anchors etc.

Initialize the assignment by shutting off the water supply to the concerned toilet unit. Make the toilet tank deprived of water by flushing down the water from the tank. Put the T-connector over the toilet bowl such that it lies between the hose and the toilet tank.

Install the bidet holder on the tank with the help of an electric drill. If you want to avoid the messy operation of an electric drill then employ the services of a double-sided Velcro.

Allow the spray hose to pass through the T-connector and maneuver it in place. Tighten the associated nails and mountings such that a rigid setting is rendered to the bidet setup.

Check the success of the installation by switching on the valve. No leaks in the bidet setup ensure the sound operation of the new installation.

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