Differences Between Left And Right Hand Hunting Bows


Archery is no different from other activities, which involve a proper hand and eye coordination. The same principle applies to bows; one should not use a right-handed bow if they are left-handed. This can be similarly compared to writing with ones left hand when they are in fact right handed; thus resulting in an illegible handwriting and incoherent movement.

A large portion of the population is comprised of right handed people; thus the reason for manufacturers to produce items, which are conveniently used by the right handed population ” though the same items can be troublesome to the lefty population. The small demographic of the left handed population also has products designed for their advantage and the same goes with archery bows.

It is fairly easy to identify a right hand or a regular bow from that of a left hand bow. The dominant hand is not actually what determines the bow of choice but the dominant eye, as this plays a vital role in influencing an archers accuracy and overall handling.

The right hand hunting bow is held by the left hand and drawn by the right; the risers arrow stabilizer or the arrow rest is also located on the right portion of the bow. However, the left hand hunting bow is held by ones right hand and drawn by the left while the arrows stabilizer or the arrow rest is also located on the left side of the riser.

Aside from these, there are no other noticeable traits of the hunting bows to determine if it is a right hand or a left hand bow.However, for those who have cross dominant eyes, meaning that their eyes are equally dominant. There are even bows, which have been developed to be interchangeable to be able to be used by both a right-handed and a lefty.

In the end, it will all come down to how one uses the bow. There are a number of hunting bows available for both the right- and left-hand orientations. What is important is for one to be able to obtain the proper bow, which is proportionate to their bodies as this will ensure the efficiency of the usage of the actual bow. Regardless of their hand or eye dominance or orientation, with enough practice and experience, one will get used to their comfortable side of the bow.

There are many brands of Left handed bows available on the internet today. If you are into hunting then the best choice should be to get a Left Hand Compound Bows. Compound bows pack that extra kick for amazing hunting.



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