Difference Between Inversion Tables and Inversion Chairs


Inversion chair vs. inversion table – what are the differences? Why are both available? Can both achieve the same results as far as minimizing back pain, or any other reasons that a person might begin an inversion therapy program?

Well, to start both an inversion chair and an inversion table is a great way to relieve stress if nothing else. The position you find yourself in when inverted is similar to a yoga position and has the same effect. The difference is an inversion chair is designed for people who have medical conditions or other concerns that require that they have slightly more stability than an inversion table offers.

That being said, and inversion chair is slightly less effective than an inversion table. The increased stability it offers decreasing the amount of inversion that can be achieved. The inversion table allows a person to hang completely freely whereas an inversion chair allows for a 60-70% angle of inversion. Remember, that the chair still provides great benefits, but it is designed for those that would benefit from inversion therapy, but can’t participate in as intense of a program.

An inversion chair is similar to an inversion table in that it utilizes gravity’s pull to help remedy a myriad of problems not the least of which is back pain. Inversion chairs are comprised of a curved or hinged surface for you to sit on, handles, leg supports and a base. You can acquire a chair with a seat and a back rest, or one with a continuous curved seat in a fixed position. They are designed so that the participant lies inverted with their knees hanging from the leg supports (rather than by their feet as with an inversion table).

Inversion chairs, like most big ticket products, can come with a guarantee to help you with ____ problem or your money back. This guarantee can be useful especially with an inversion chair if you’re using it rather than a table for some medical condition that could mar your continued use of the product. So as always, do your research and ask the seller lots of questions before making your final purchase.

An inversion table is usually more helpful, but as was noted if the use of one is impossible for you, be sure and purchase a chair that can hold your weight and that you feel comfortable using. Read reviews on it and make sure that it is well made and well padded so it is comfortable to sit in. There are many consumer reviews online, but be sure that you pick are sure of the source. Sometimes reviews can be posted by the actual makers of the product. Be sure and check with your doctor or physical therapist before using or purchasing a chair. They can not only tell you if it will be useful to you, but also which brands to buy and which are less noteworthy.

Nicole is a fitness journalist who writes about the differences between inversion tables vs inversion chairs and how inversion chairs or tables can significantly help reduce back pain.



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