Did You Know That There Is A Developing Rabbit Meat Market?


Rabbits can be raised for meat and can be a worthwhile experience for a novice or veteran rabbit breeder. Raising rabbits can become a hobby or a profitable business.

If you dont own any meat rabbits, or you are considering purchasing additional rabbits, here are some ideas when selecting meat rabbits to raise:

Meat rabbits need to have plenty of milk for large number of kits.

Any rabbits raised for meat should mate as frequently as is safe.

When dealing with meat rabbits litters should be large.

The top two breeds raised for rabbit meat are the New Zealand White rabbit and the Californian for their size. Both of these breeds have all the qualities needed for needed for successful meat production. These qualities to look for are: good traits such as larger litters, good eyes, good feet, good health, and good meat per portions. There are many other possible breeds to choose from also.

The health of the rabbits raised for meat is essential to the success of any rabbit farm. This is true whether you are raising rabbits for show, pets or for meat. To help insure your rabbits are healthy, buy healthy breeding stock to begin with.

Before buying breeding stock look at the conditions of the rabbit farm selling the rabbits. Ask the following questions to yourself while you tour the rabbit farm:

Are the cages and rabbits clean?

Do they have the fly population under control?

Is there plenty of heralthy food and water available for the rabbits?

Do the rabbits have healthy fur? Look for signs of bald patches, rashes, scaly skin and other signs of disease.

When asking these questions and you answer no to any of these, then you should think carefully before buying from this rabbit farm.

When you are starting out with a new rabbit farm, consider starting small at first. It is usually a good idea to start with as few as one buck and three does. You can always add more as you go along.

Try to find rabbit breeders close to your geographic location. Rabbits find it very difficult to adjust to climate changes. Taking healthy rabbits from the north west and moving them to the south east could destroy your chances of rabbit farm success.

Browse through the free internet classified sites if you are having a problem finding breeding stock near you. You can often find a great offer in finding rabbits for sale. You can also refer to local breeders through your county extension office as well.

Make sure that you have everything to begin your rabbit farm. They will need proper housing, water, food and daily attention. It is helpful to excite your whole family about begging a new rabbit farm. The kids can often take easily to raising rabbits and can be helpful in ensuring careful care for your rabbits.

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