Details On How Hydroponic Systems Works


Growing and seeding plants can be a hard and frustrating chore. For one, soil must be kept in good condition. If you do not have enough healthy earth, it will be hard for plants to survive. It is a good thing that scientists have invented hydroponic systems.

This system emerged due to the influence of soilless culture. Many people around the world find it hard to grow plants in the neighborhood because of infertile ground. With this method, plants are seeded in a controlled climate, without soil, and where sustenance is given in scant or limited amounts.

Experts say that among the many advantages of following this kind of method is that it produces positive and high yields. Plant sustenance has little risk on being infected by soil pollution as there is no need for soil. Nutrition is also controlled. The presence of pest is also limited due to absence of soil.

The two approaches of this farming method includes the use of solution and medium cultures. Solution cultures are those that do not need anything solid and only requires the solution itself. Deep water culture, aeroponics, static and continuous-flow cultures are but a few of the techniques utilized.

Another type of technique is the medium culture. Here, a solid soil replacement is used. These mediums may either be expanded clay, rock wool, gravel, sand, or wood fiber. Rock wool is commonly preferred by experts. This substance is made of molten rock and is known to be an effective and efficient substrate. However, critics are hesitant to use it because it of potential cancer risks.

Nutrients provided in the solution may vary according to its chemical composition. The cations involved are potassium, magnesium and calcium while the binding elements include nitrate, sulfate and phosphate. Chlorine, copper, boron, zinc, iron and nick are some trace elements contained in the solution.

When using hydroponic systems for farming purposes, always remember that solutions must be changed before five days as it can cause plant starvation. Get a pH indicator to test the pH level. It must not go beyond seven or fall below six. Hydroponic Systems

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