Decorating Your Front Porch for Fall


For many people, fall is one of their favorite times of the year. With cooler temperatures and beautiful fall colors, it is a great time of year to spend more time outdoors enjoying your own home, especially your front porch.

When decorating for fall, your front porch is a great place to start. Make it a warm, welcoming place for visitors to come to call, or create a calm, peaceful atmosphere in which to relax at the end of cool fall days.

If it has been awhile since you have given your front porch any attention, then begin by giving it a good cleaning. Use a broom to brush off and knock down cob webs around your front door and along the eaves of your front porch. Give the front windows a good washing, and clean around the front door. Give the whole area a good sweeping, or use a leaf blower if you have one.

Next put away other seasonal decor and accessories. Box up your summer decorations and put them away for next year and unpack and dust off your fall decor.

Find a pretty doormat that reflects the fall season. The doormat is one of the first things a visitor sees when they come up to your front door.

There are many ways you can add some fall color to your front porch. Bright pumpkins are an obvious choice. Buy pumpkins in a variety of shapes and sizes. Don’t forget pumpkins come in many colors too. You can find beautiful green and white pumpkins that look great when paired with traditional orange pumpkins.

There are many ways in which to decorate fall pumpkins without carving them. You can make a pumpkin look like a candy corn by spray painting it yellow, orange, and white. You can also decorate a pumpkin by holding up fall leaves to the pumpkin’s surface and spray painting around the leaves. When you remove the leaves you will have leaf prints on your pumpkin.

Place baskets of mini pumpkins and gourds on your front porch, near the front door. Gourds also come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes.

Cornstalks and hay bales are another fun way to decorate your front porch. You find cornstalks very inexpensively at many nurseries during the fall season. Hay bales can also be found at nurseries. Many craft stores carry small hay bales that can be used for decoration. Create a fall arrangement by placing flower pots filled with autumn colored chrysanthemums on and around the hay bale. Find a small scarecrow to set on the hay bale.

Decorative flags are a nice touch for any season. You can find small hooks on which to hang flags at most craft and department stores, along with flags for any season or holiday. Just change the flag out with the season.

For an easy way to change out seasonal flowers, consider setting the containers in which your plants come into the ground instead of removing the plants from the container. Next season, remove the plant from the container and replace it with a new plant for the next season. This is a great way to replace annual flowers without having to dig new holes every time.

Don’t forget tables and porch benches. Give them a good scrub so you have a place to relax and unwind at the end of a long day. Sand them down and repaint them if necessary. Add a pot of flowers to your porch tables and place pillows with fall-themed fabric on your benches and chairs. Use slip covers to update the pillows with the season.

Updating your outdoor seasonal decor is a great way to welcome a new season and get you ready for the months to come. Use color and pattern to create a beautiful, peaceful oasis right in your own front yard where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of fall.

Jason Smith writes for Australian Outdoor Living, offering home improvement services in Australia. Specialising in outdoor blinds, awnings, timber decking, pergolas and more.



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