Decorating A Hardwood Floor With An Area Rug


Hardwood flooring will take on a softer look with an area rug to boot. A bonus is the protection an area rug gives to the hardwood floor from the onslaught of scratches or scrapes from the furniture.

Area rugs come in a wide variety of design and colors. Throw in the different sizes and shapes, and you have an amazing collection of area rugs to choose from. With this, any theme or decor you wish to create for your home is possible. You’re guaranteed of area rugs to match your home design.

Every color imaginable is available in an area rug. You will create a more harmonious look in a room if the room decor is complemented by an appropriate area rug. To add instant drama in a room, opt for a contrasting color to the decor. Bear in mind that light colored area rugs are great on a dark hardwood floor and to contrast with lighter flooring choose brighter or dark colored area rugs.

Texture in a room is not only from the drapes, upholstery or covers. Area rugs also add to the play of softness, lushness or smoothness. Braided rugs give a more relaxed feel to the space while woven rugs make the room look neater. Of course, the thicker and softer the rug, the better it works for the sleek, hard wooden floor.

There are different kinds of area rugs. Bamboo rugs for instance, are ideal for a tropical or outdoor theme.

An option is an area rug made of seagrass. This is another natural area rug with the same durable quality. Seagrass rugs also look great with a country theme.

When choosing a strictly contemporary look; angles, straight lines and shiny surfaces are kept simple. Typically, black, white and silver are the colors of furniture and accessories. Modern is no exception with hardwood floors, which work with any style of decoration. Modern area rugs can provide a splash of color while maintaining geometrical decor designs around and under them. This will create the ultimate modern look.

Mixing different themes and area rugs are acceptable. As they say, home decorating is all about expressing yourself. So if you think that you’re a match of country style and traditional style, go ahead and feel free to decorate as you wish. Just remember to complement and coordinate, so that your home won’t look like a clash of too many colors and designs. Simplicity is beauty. However, if you go for the sophisticated, ensure that it maintains the posh look it requires. Choose your area rugs and other decors wisely.

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