Deck Care Ideas And Tips


Ah, so you’re probably thinking your deck is insuperable in all its brand new glory. Uh, not so, little buddy. Believe it or not, wood left untreated for over a week, even if pressure-treated may deteriorate and age if you are not careful.

There is no such thing as a perfect superhero, to riff on the Wolverine example above – likewise, pressure-treated wood, resilient as it may be, does have its own Achilles heel, which is extreme weather conditions. There are many potential menaces to your deck’s finish, such as strong rains, the sweltering heat of the sun, mold and mildew. Fortunately, our insiders have some essential information to help you protect your deck:

Preparing your deck. If your deck needs a makeover, it will have to be prepared and treated first. Figure out where you should start by doing the water bead test. Take a look at your deck, then splash a few drops of water onto it on different locations. If you notice the tiny drops are absorbed by and into the wood, then you must clean those parts. You will be behooved to remove the existing sealant if you notice the water beading up. To get latex finishes and layers of pre-existing oil out, I would suggest using a cleaning agent such as Olympic Stain Stripper ™. Once the sealant is gone, it would be time to replace deck boards that may have been damaged and reattach the decking that has popped loose before cleaning them.

Cleaning the deck. You want to be absolutely sure you are using the right sealant, and to do this, first remove any undesirable elements like dirt, mildew and algae. Staining or sealing a dirty wood surface can cause premature failure of the stain’s protective quality, and the materials trapped under the stain or sealant may continue to damage the wood.

Wash your deck free of any dirt, mold and debris with a cleaner before you apply the sealant. If flowers surround your deck, consider using a gentler formula.

Sealing. Consider the frequency of deck maintenance as well as the desired appearance of the new finish when choosing types of stain or sealant. A clear stain or toner, for instance, would give the wood a more natural finish. This allows you to protect the wooden finish for about three to five years, while making its natural color and wood grain more dominant in appearance. If you prefer a finish with deeper color, semitransparent stains add additional pigment to the wood and offer added UV ray protection.

For rich, vibrant colors and even longer protection of the wood, consider a solid-color stain.

Be sure to read the label – again, we repeat, read the label – before applying the stain or sealant. Mosey on over to your nearest home improvement or hardware store, or at one of the many Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouses to find the products discussed above.

If you keep your deck safe and protected from the elements, you can be sure of a better-looking and longer-lasting deck.

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