Dartboard Wall Protector DIY – Large, Halex, DMI, UK


Darts is a usually played game in the United States which involves throwing darts at a circular target known as the dartboard.

Dartboards used in the United States are often long-established English styled dartboards.

The dartboard is fixed to the wall to make certain that the target remains steady.

Even although many persons play dart games for leisure purposes, darts is a game which includes a serious-minded set of ordinances in addition rules when played professionally.

There are many organizations which unite individuals who have a professional interest towards dart games.

One such organization is the World Dart Federation (WDF) which was time-honored in 1976.

According to the World Dart Federation, when playing a dart game the normally long-established rule is to stand 237cm from the dartboard.

Thence in most instances, peculiarly if the individual is not an experienced or a professional player, the probability of missing the target what’s more throwing the dart away from the board is high: causing damages to the wall around the dartboard.

For this reason, the dartboard wall protector was introduced to the market.

A dartboard wall protector is a wall fixture which can be fixed around dart boards to protect the wall from stray darts.

A dartboard wall protector may be purchased from many stores around the United States for an average cost of $30.

A dartboard wall protector is normally created out of lightweight material such as polystyrene, hardboard etc to make certain that the weight of the protector is bearable to the wall while the back of it contains wall protecting bumpers.

In addition to purchasing a dartboard wall protector from a store, an individual likewise has the alternative of manufacturing one at home.

Constructing a dartboard wall protector at home is not a hard task since it needs merely a few basic items.

These items are: sheet of plywood or any other light weight item, rolled corkboard, frame molding, wood glue, utility knife, measuring tape etc.

Once the required items are gathered around it is a matter of cutting the layout based on the measurements of the dartboard plus gluing needed items.

When constructing one’s own dartboard wall protector, a key factor to bear in mind is to ensure that the bulls eye or the centre spot of the dartboard is exactly 58 inches above ground level. This is the commonly suggested height by the World Dart Federation.

Thus if an individual is captivated in darts moreover wishes to buy a dartboard for his or her home, it is exceedingly suggested to buy or construct a dartboard wall protector as well, in state to insure that the wall around the gaming territory is protected against stray darts furthermore maintained as other walls of the house.



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