Cycling Vs. Spinning


Spinning is a type of controlled exercise usually done in a gym or home gym and is done almost exclusively indoors. This exercise is done on a stationary bike, and spinning classes are conducted in a group directed by an instructor. Cycling is the act of actually riding a bicycle outdoors.

Many cyclists wonder if they’re getting the same health benefits of the more controlled version of this activity, spinning. As it turns out, cyclists are the ones that are actually getting a better-rounded workout.  People who cycle can attest that this is one of the best ways to improve your body both mentally and physically.

Physical benefits:

Looking to get fit? Cycling might be the best choice in regards to physical appearance and overall fitness.


Cycling is an amazing cardiovascular exercise – cardio workouts strengthen the heart, increase your metabolism, burn fat, and flush the system. Ideally, adults should get 30 minutes of moderate to strenuous exercise almost every day. Cardio exercises are also the most effective exercises for overall weight loss. According to the Surgeon General, 2/3 of adults are either overweight or obese, a number that would drop dramatically if more people would ride their bikes regularly.


According to, several different muscle groups are conditioned by cycling. The main muscles affected by riding a bike are in the legs, glutes and thighs. Riders can even get an arm and shoulder workout on trails with hills and varied terrain. Working these muscles will increase tone, strength, and flexibility – muscles also burn calories at a higher rate than fat so muscle workouts are also important for weight loss and overall fitness.

Coordination points out how biking improves your hand eye coordination and improves your balance. Varied speeds of travel as well as twists Spinning vs Cyclingand turns keep your body and mind working together.

Blood flow

Cycling improves blood flow and circulation, especially in the legs. People can improve circulation and flow by cycling occasionally.

Mental benefits:

Physical fitness and metal wellness are strongly intertwined. points out that biking is good for you mind, and here’s a few mood lifters associated with cycling.


While too much sun can be hazardous, moderate amounts are very good for you. Spending about 15 minutes a day in the sun will give you a much needed dose of vitamin D – this vitamin can protect against certain diseases, depression, and insomnia.

Visual Stimulation

This one is a major reason that people choose cycling over spinning when it comes to exercising. When you cycle, you get a constant change of scenery that keeps the workout from getting stale and boring. While cycling, you can see different landscapes, locations, and even get a glimpse of majestic animals. For the most visually exciting workout, mark a route that takes you through different kinds of areas and alternates between rural roads to more urban areas.


The happiness hormone known as serotonin increases in output when physical exercise is done regularly. In addition, having a fun activity to look forward also increases serotonin levels. This hormone is responsible for making you feel content and increases your sense of wellbeing.

Reduced Stress

Physical activity and fitness greatly reduces your levels of cortisol – cortisol is responsible for stress. When the body has high levels of this hormone, a person will be anxious, irritable, depressed; cortisol even causes the body to store excess fat.


Do you prefer biking or spinning?

Article Written by Lili Miller


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