Creating Your Personalized All Black Shirts


If you are planning to personalize or create a rugby jersey designed patterned after your favorite national teams, you need to choose the material that you’re going to use first. If you plan to have a personalized all black shirts for example, you need to consider materials that are not only comfortable to wear but also affordable.

Although cotton is affordable, it is often heavy to wear especially when your jersey or shirt gets wet; how else will you be able to avoid those tackles? The best materials are those made from moisture wicking fabrics that allow your skin to breathe, lightweight and offer great protection against heat. The next step is to design a logo that you’d like to put on your jerseys – you can choose to copy the All Blacks team logo or you can create one on your own; this you can do by drawing by hand or by using a computer program. Make sure that the logo you designed is about the same size of your hand so the logo can fit nicely on your upper left side chest.

the next thing you need to do is to take your logo to a store that offers embroidery or screen printing services. Check if the size of the logo is just right by printing a copy of the logo design that you have created. If you are planning to have personalized all blacks jerseys, it would be best if you make sure that you have the correct logo and designs. You should also hold your finished design up to a mirror and check if it looks backward to you. If the image you see on the mirror is reversed, flip the design using a draw or photo editing program on your computer.

Print two copies of your design using heat transfer papers. Wait fifteen minutes for the design to dry, making sure that you leave a half an inch margin on all the sides of your design when you cut the edges.

You would need to set the iron to its hottest setting, making sure that the team feature is turned off; lay a towel on the ironing board and put a tin foil on top of the towel so you’ll have something that can absorb the excess heat; lightly iron the shirt or jersey so you can get rid of wrinkles. iron on the image face down on the garment, placing the iron atop the back of the image for ten seconds and allow for it to cool for ten more seconds.

Creating your personalized rugby shirts and jerseys is a great way to show support to your favorite national rugby teams, and websites showcase some of the best replica jerseys and merchandise form the most famous rugby teams. Such websites also provide ideas on some of the designs that you can see on actual jerseys used by your favorite rugby teams.

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