Corporate Gift Giving: Is There A Way To Add A Personal Touch?


Considering that gift giving is already an integral part of corporate culture, many people now expect that companies will be constantly giving out items that would serve as keepsakes. These keepsakes are widely known as corporate tokens. It is unavoidable that some recipients of corporate gifts form their perceptions about the firm based on the quality of the token item that the firm is giving out. And corporate firms always want that the people and customers would view them only in a positive light.

Therefore, with this critical examination of business tokens by the receivers, companies must really pay attention to which items will be pleasing to those who will receive them.

However, considering that the global marketplace is currently experiencing recession, it would not do if companies allocate a great portion of their funds just to buy the most expensive business giveaways. Nevertheless, for every problem there is a solution, and many shops now provide business firms with good-quality items that are quite affordable, which are perfect as corporate giveaways.

Functionality is essential when selecting appropriate business gifts, and this consideration must always be kept in mind. Even if business gifts are primarily intended to be promotional and/or advertising materials, in choosing corporate gifts, tokens that are embossed, printed, or drawn with the company’s logo will be more appreciated if the recipient can derive some use from it. corporate giveaways such as pens, baseball caps, coffee mugs, and flash drives are examples.

The bulk price is another thing to think about when choosing corporate gifts. Gift shops are more than happy to produce your orders if you order by the bulk. The prices of the corporate gifts can be classified as low, mid-range, and expensive. For generic corporate tokens, it is advisable to give out low-priced tokens such as pens, button badges, lanyards, stickers, and coffee mugs. Non-woven bags, polo tees, flash drives, and aluminum drinkware, meanwhile, are example of mid-range corporate giveaways. If the intended recipients are executives or corporate partners, it is never considered bad taste to give costly gifts such as high-quality fountain pens, leather organizers, and watches. Even with the price of your gift, the recipients will be more appreciative if these tokens have some functionality.

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