Copperplate Calligraphy Tutorials, Examples, Template


Copperplate calligraphy or the Pointed pen method as it is renowned today originated during the early part of the 18th century besides is a style of calligraphy which utilizes a pointed nib as opposed to the more established flat nib.

The reason for its emergence was a require for a sort of writing in England that could be used for commercial purposes.

Later on nonetheless two different Copperplate styles came into employ; the bolder writing for business purposes furthermore a imperfect what’s more light writing for ladies.

The name Copperplate Calligraphy comes from the books that were used by students to learn the Copperplate penning from.

Though today we utilize pens to write Copperplate Calligraphy, these copybooks were truly created utilizing copper plates which were engraved on by connoisseurs.

The writing was carefully etched backwards onto the copper plates additionally then used as stencils for the printing of the books.

The style of writing Copperplate Calligraphy varies from other types as the line thickness of the letters is dependent upon the pressure applied on the nib, instead of the nib’s angle when writing.

Copperplate calligraphy is normally written with the nib almost perpendicular to the paper.

As the alternate name Pointed write Method suggests, Copperplate calligraphy needs a sharp, pointed and flexible nib.

If you are entranced in learning the art of Copperplate Calligraphy, its optimal to get started with a good quality fine ball point pen.

As you master the letter formations you can then begin utilising something more suited for Copperplate Calligraphy such as a quill write.

The ideal ink for this purpose would be a non- waterproof ink, best of course in black color, while a fine quality legal pad would do the job as paper.

According to authorities in the art of Copperplate Calligraphy, as you get good it would be ideal to start utilising an elbow write plus the paper would require to be a tablet of 100% rag, white bond. The ink should not be India ink, rather just plain fountain write ink.

The bottom line for learning Copperplate calligraphy is just to master the art of writing the capital letters, small letters, numbers what’s more some symbols in copperplate script.

A good number of Copperplate calligraphy teachers stress that it is best to begin learning the art with the proper materials, instead of utilizing a ball point pen, but the choice will eventually depend on the teacher you choose to follow as the techniques to success are many besides varied.



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