Compound Bow Care


Compound bows require a certain amount of investment, this is why it is important that give your compound bow proper cleaning and care. Having a well-maintained bow is also a big plus if you are after a successful hunt. It can be frustrating to see a part of your bow break or hear something snap while you aim at your game and give your bow a draw.

Before heading out to a hunting trip, take extra time to give your compound bow a thorough inspection. Doing so will help you replace or repair parts while you are still at home. This will also keep you from hurriedly driving back to civilization when you should be outdoors, chasing your game down.

As you inspect your bow, do not miss out on your bowstrings. Bowstrings need to be regularly, if not frequently, waxed. You also need to check for fuzzes on your bowstrings. If there are fuzzes, give your bowstrings an extra coat. Make sure you rub it until the fuzz and wax seep into the strings. Your bow cables can also benefit from waxing. Your bow will have better chances of withstanding damp hunting conditions if your give your cables frequent and regular waxing. It is important that you check for frays as you check your cables. As you well know, frays can easily disrupt what would have been a smooth hunting trip.

It also helps to regularly lubricate your bow axles and bushings. Having a bottle of food bow oil can come in handy. Each time you are out hunting, it is important that you give your bushings and axles a drop or two of good bow oil. For best care and results, you can review your bow manual for proper lubricating procedures (there are some compound bows that do not need frequent lubrication).

You also need to regularly examine your bow limbs. Check for scratches, cracks, dents and other types of damage. It helps to be aware of small chips before they grow into a cumbersome problem. You can take care of small scratches yourself, but cracks on your bow limbs would require professional attention and care. Fixing cracks on your bow limbs all by yourself can make the warranty on your bow null and void.

Then, you can turn your attention to the limb bolts. Loose limb bolts need to be tightened and are best done while you are still indoors. You can also place marks around limb bolts so you can easily tell whether or not they have moved away from their original position after you first got your draw weight set. It would also be convenient to have a set of Allen wrenches for use in tightening limb bolts while you are still at home or when you are already out on the hunting field.

Bow storage is something that you should not take for granted. Remember to store your compound bow away from too much heat, dirt, damp, and pests. Failing to store your compound bow properly can make all efforts in cleaning and maintaining it futile.

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