Come up with your own Home or Extend Another


Planning your own house has often been a popular choice from the great leaders of history planning funeral chambers like the Pyramids of Giza to drawing our own dream homes in junior school. My dream house just like the pyramids always had secret entrances and hidden rooms with an underground lair for when I became a super hero and had to hide my identity.

Today creating your own place, while usually lacking the underground hideout, has potential for your old dreams and creations if they managed to stay on with you. The number of possibilities of home design are virtually unending only because they have to fit into the laws of physics. When creating your own house it is sometimes good to first start with a base. If you have been living in or have already found homes for sale you like, try creating extensions for those other houses and see whether or not you find anything you like.

Home extensions are a great first project home mainly if you are the do it yourself type. Wall construction, pouring foundations, decks and getting the right certifications can be quite difficult for first time builders. It is highly recommended you design your dream home and let building contractors do the remaining of the work.

Home restorations may not have the same feel as planning your very own home, but do not forget that you can always sell your house now worth a lot more thanks to your spectacular handy work and start fresh next time.

For people that are ready to dive into home designs the first thing to begin with is a land estate. This is your canvas. The best home designs use the encircling area so the house looks like it belongs there and has not just been dragged off the interstate on a trailer. Instead of thinking of your project as a home design look at it as a property design. Garden and landscaping designs can be a large part of the overall home feel. Adding pergolas, fountains, and pools into the yard can make an extreme change to the shape and sense of the house itself.

My advice to start is to see some display homes and see how they are being developed. Many display homes will have multiple styles and themes built into one house showing various options you may not have considered all under one roof. The last bit of suggestion is to not forget builder’s supplies. While building your own house is cheaper than buying a newer one with all the added tools and kit the discounted price will most likely cancel itself out.

To find building design experts in your region check dLook, your local online business directory.



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