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Colour affects our emotions, moods, physical, and spiritual well-being. It has a significant effect on everything we eat, drink, and touch and influences our physical environment including our home, office, and garden.

PATCHOGUE, NY – April 10, 2009 – Bonsai Tree Homes joins the group of the many websites that sell bonsai over the Internet. In addition to bringing the best deals to consumers that want to expand their bonsai display collection, Bonsai Tree Homes also hopes to share their passion for bonsai with others who may not be aware of these miniature potted plants.

However I used natural soil from my garden and my bonsai is thriving, Bonsai are tree’s that are dwarf so are strong and able to survive more extreme conditons than plants would, due to their transpiration stream to cool themselves in hot weather it is important they are watered and the bark should not dry out.In summer you can keep the bonsai in the garden, I did this growth was very rapid, but the soil dried very quickly and often the leaves would appear to burn and die quicker. According to instrucions, bonsai should be kept away from direct sunlight and extreme heat, they are indoor plants.

Bonsai Trees Home’s main website resembles an online shop offering a variety of items related to bonsai. At the time of writing, there are 7 categories where shoppers can click on to see products being sold. These products include bonsai trees, accessories, soils, fertilizers, and chemicals. Drip trays are also being sold along with other tools including branch cutters special shears, and wire cutters made exclusively for bonsai care. There are also books and videos that contain interesting information regarding basic techniques in choosing the right bonsai and caring for it. Many of the accessories being sold are pots that have different origins, and are used to place the bonsai.

Yellow means contentment. It represents the power of the sun, increases the feeling of space. It brings a sense of well-being to the garden even on grey, dull days. Golden foliage will often scorch in full sun so plant in dappled shade. Many of the grey or silver-leafed plants have yellow flowers. Plants to grow in shade include begonias, coleus, and hostas. For sunny areas try day lilies, potentilla and yarrow. Materials to augment plantings include reconstituted stone containers, ornaments, golden sandstone gravel, and buff paving.

Should you start off from seeds then you will need to plant them in seed bags until they become seedlings. As soon as the seedlings start to grow, you will need to start preparing your seedlings to be transferred to pots. Transferring the seedlings into pots is tricky at times, and you will have to remove most of the roots to fit in smaller pots. When cutting away roots, like in all plants you will have to be very careful as this effort can cause the plants to die. When you start the process of transferring your bonsai plant into its pot, you will also need to place some wires into the root system of the plant in order to help it fit into its pot. You will then need to ensure that you put just enough soil to cover your bonsai plants roots which will help it retain moisture. Make sure that the right amount of soil is place over the roots and not too much.

People that already have enough bonsai trees to take care of can buy special chemicals sold at the Bonsai Trees Home website that should be added to the fertilizer mixture for watering to nourish the plants by supplying necessary vitamins and hormones. Two types of bonsai soil are up for sale as well and both are being sold for under $20 for 2 pounds.

Customers can take advantage of three special products with a 25% discount that are shown on the bottom of the homepage. Discount coupons are also provided to people who buy 2 items or more. These coupons can be used for future purchases at Bonsai Tree Homes regardless of the product. Delivery is only restricted to any of the 50 US states including Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and the Virgin Islands.

Additional bonsai products should be offered at reasonable prices in the future along with some reviews of the best bonsai trees being sold. Bonsai Trees Homes continues to spread their passion for bonsai trees by offering affordable deals that anybody in the US can take advantage of.

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