Collar Pins Can Be Used As Corporate Gift


A corporate gift is as important as any other organization strategy for a company. It has a lot of other roles to play in a company as well, and hence choosing the right gift is very important.

A collar pin is a piece of men’s jewelry that holds the two ends of a dress shirt collar together and goes underneath the knot of a tie. Working in a similar way as a tabbed collar, it keeps the collar in place and lifts the knot to allow a more aesthetically pleasing arc to the tie.

Collar pins are both attractive and come in many colours and designs, and therefore are ideal as corporate gifts. New design technologies in collar pins further add to the versatility of these pins as they can even have a company’s name engraved on them. They can also bear the company’s logo and can be casted during manufacture to look like a particular product.

By virtue of their versatility, they have an excellent effect on employees and customers. They make employees appreciate that they are valued by the management, while the clients feel associated with the service provider, and thus they generate the loyalty of these two key groups of people.

Cost is another aspect that determines the choice of a corporate gift. With collar pins, cost is never a problem, because their market price can never exceed their appeal. People love collar pins for their versatility and they are widely worn on all occasions, unlike most other presents, which are just kept at a single place like an ornament. They can be put on everyday to work or elsewhere, which allows them to get a lot of attention, therefore popularising the company’s brand.

However, organizations must take into account some critical factors before deciding to give away collar pins as corporate gifts. Most importantly, they should be sturdy enough to survive daily use.

The style of collar pins must be such that the owner is convinced to sport them in the public to make a style statement. Being loud or having an asymmetric design may not go down well with the people. The practicality and suitability of use must be emphasized during the creation of design of collar pins so that the wearer doesn’t face any inconvenience.

Corporate gifts are an effective way for a business to extend its presence among its target audience, as such gifts have excellent exposure and circulation among the public. Collar pins have all the features to succeed at this purpose. They have etched their niche in the history of corporate marketing, and for decades, organizations have been using this gift with remarkable success. Considering all the unique qualities that collar pins have as corporate gifts, companies that have been reluctant in using them must wake up to their potential.

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