Codependent Personality Disorder Treatment – Symptoms, Traits


The problem with codependent behavior is that many don’t realize they’re even engaging in it. Nevertheless, this condition is much more common than many are lead to believe. Do you think you may have a codependent personality? Here are a few signs that you may need help.

There are two types of codependent personality disorders. The first is characterized by the incessant need to please others. The second is a need to control others. While they may sound different, the intention of the two is the same: those with a codependent personality wish to influence others by their actions.

In the case of the passive codependent personality, he or she will wish to please others to the point where his or her health, mental well being, finances, and dignity are all put at risk. Common behaviors include lavishing others with gifts, allowing themselves to be taken advantage of, and performing unwanted favors.

Those who suffer from this kind of codependent personality feel as though they must validate their existence through the happiness of others. Their entire existence is defined by what others think of them. If they displease someone in some way, they believe it is entirely their fault and they’re a horrible person because of it. As a result, many who suffer from this mentality have very low self esteem, anxiety, depression, and resentment.

Those who suffer from the controlling aspect of a codependent personality believe that they’ve grown so good at anticipating the needs of others that they believe they know what is best for everyone. This means that when their advice or demands are ignored, refused, or questioned, they feel hurt, confused, and even angry. In severe cases, those who control others in their codependency may even dictate what their partner will wear, what food he or she eats, and how much money he or she spends.

If left untreated, the codependent personality grows more and more damaging. Many who suffer from codependence find themselves turning to other addictions to self medicate against the pain. This can include internet usage, video games, gambling, spending money, working, or exercising too much. However, the more they attempt to ignore the pain with these activities, the worse they are making themselves.

Does this sound familiar? If so, you needn’t worry. There are plenty of organizations dedicated toward treating various aspects of codependent personality. With time, patience, and hard work, you can learn through a counselor, group therapy, or twelve step program how to defeat this mentality.



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