Classification Of GFCI


Each year, there are approximately 300 cases of electrocutions registered in and around homes. However, these deadly accidents can be prevented by using GFCI. Concept of GFCI is not a secret to anyone. Each one of know that these immediately turn off the power supply if senses a difference in the outgoing and the incoming current.

For the safety of the homes, National Electric Code has made the installation of GFCI mandatory and more and more people are favoring the use of this magic device. Some time back, people used this only at the outlets near water. But now, these are found even in bathrooms, kitchens, basements and garage etc.

Therefore, we can say that as the technology is advancing, the GFCI outlets are available for home use as well. There are three common types of ground fault circuit interrupters are available for home use: receptacle type, circuit breaker type and the portable type.

Let us first discuss about the receptacle type. It is the most common type of the GFCI outlet and looks similar to the ordinary electrical switch outlet. It consists of two small buttons marked test and reset. As soon as the test button is pressed, GFCI trips and disconnect the power to anything plugged into the receptacle. These are found throughout the house.

Next is the circuit breaker type. Unlike the receptacle GFCI, these are installed in the panel box to give protection to the selected areas. The circuit breaker type GFCI actually serve two purposes. Other than shutting off the power supply in case of ground fault, these get tripped when a short circuit or overload occurs.

In case, the permanent GFCI are not possible, portable GFCI are made use of. We have two types of portable GFCI. In one, circuitry is placed in a plastic case with plug blades at the back and receptacle slots in the front. Here, the portable GFCI are plugged in the ordinary electrical outlet and then the device to be protected is to be plugged into the GFCI.

There is one more type of portable GFCI available in the market. This is just an extension cord joint with the GFCI. It resembles an adapter. In this type, the the plug is not connected to the protected device but, is connected to the adapter.

The installation of GFCI must be taken care of by a trained electrician and a periodical inspection of this installation may be carried out for its efficient and flawless service.

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