Civil Service Tests – NJ, NYC, PA, Ohio, Louisiana, Suffolk County


Civil service tests are required for some professions as well as sectors such as Foreign Service, postal service, law enforcement air traffic control, customs, in addition a good number of secretarial and clerical jobs. Nevertheless in most government sector jobs, civil service tests are not important.

A competitive assessment of the applicants background, education, and work experience is what is needed in 80 percent of the job vacancies available in the civil service. Most administrative plus secretarial exams have been replaced with what is called “Occupational questionnaires” The Office of Personnel Management in addition to other job posting sites such as USA jobs announce their vacancies online.

Interested candidates can apply to the positions directly. They have to complete the application, a federal style resume – which is a standardized resume expected of candidates applying for jobs in the US Government, additionally a questionnaire, all these nay be submitted online to the respective job agency.

When or if the civil service tests are required of the applicant the agency will notify the time additionally the venue. Most of these civil service tests pertain to jobs in the clerical besides administrative area, Samples of the clerical in addition other civil service tests are accessible in The Book of U.S. Government Jobs, there are also in these books instances of tests of reading, vocabulary, arithmetic reasoning etc, nevertheless most such exams are at present being replaced by the Occupational Questionnaire which measure ones educational and professional experience for the job at hand.

Clerical job announcements are commonly seen in The Administrative & Clerical GS-300 Job series, you have to identify the clerical job announcements available in your state, city or town before applying online. If civil service tests are needed the agency will alert the applicant and you have to bring with you to the trial center the following items of a three median No.2 led pencils, eraser, a pen furthermore the forms and documents needed of you.

The clerical civil service tests consists of 2 sections, the civil service tests usually measures clerical capability plus verbal ability, to pass the test, the candidate has to score a minimum of 33 in the verbal test section and have a combined score of 80 on both sections of verbal clerical aptitude.

The score is then converted to a numerical rating which will be the final score of the test. Other than sitting for the exam applicants likewise have to complete the Occupational Supplement for Clerical Positions (OPM form 1203- A1).

With this application the reviewer will have an insight in to the academic besides professional qualifications along with ones performance at the exam. Finally supplements and notification will be given within five to ten working days.



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