Choosing Open Kitchen Storage Designs


A small cluttered kitchen can be difficult to navigate around. Always having to step to the side to open shelf doors and banging up against corners and cabinets can not only be a distraction, but if you are cooking, it can also be dangerous. Choosing an open kitchen storage design may help to alleviate this problem.

One way to create an open space feeling is to remove the doors covering the cabinets. To create an old country store feeling, arrange dishware and food items in a display pattern to add colors and designs to an area that once only were doors to the wall.

An advantage to opening up the storage areas is seeing exactly what you have. Pick out the items you do not need or use and donate them to someone who can use them. This will lessen the clutter and give you more room to work.

Using hanging racks to put pots, pans, and cooking utensils not only makes them handy to reach, but opens up other space to store things you do not use as frequently. The racks add a nice touch by creating a professional look.

Placing small shelves on counter space gives you room to store small appliances that are regularly used. Revolving shelves that spin around would work perfectly for storing things like spices. You can be creative and use decorative shelves normally used in living or dining rooms to add a certain flare and style.

An open kitchen storage design can help to reduce clutter and improve the appearance of your cooking area. Instead of a closed in feeling when the cabinets are shut and only the blandness of perhaps a single color surrounds you, an open area sparkles with colors, designs, and materials that bring life into this room.

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