Chick Coop Essential Requirements


When you are planning your chick coop, there are a lot of requirements that you must sustain in mind before getting started. How many chicks do you plan to grow at one time? Your chick coop must take on plenty of space for the chicks to move around. Recall that this is the first two months of their lives and that they will not be going outdoors until the sixth week when the full feathers finally develop. So space is very crucial. Having your chicks crammed together will make them prone to disease. Furthermore, diseases can spread faster when the chicks are sharing tight quarters.

Another significant chick coop requirement is that the coop should be maintained with the warm and dry conditions. You must provide insulation for your chick coop. Furthermore, ascertain that the wood you use is water repellant so that there is no soaking of the wood. This will likewise ensure that wood rot has no probability to kick in because it can contribute to the spread of diseases.

You must also make sure you have a couple of windows in the coop. This will let plenty of sunlight so that the sun’s warmth will keep the chick coop warm and dry. You will also want the windows to open in the hot summer months to get the gentle wind blowing through the chicken house. When designing your chick coop, make sure you use only good quality insulation to secure the comfortable temperature all year round.

The last crucial facet to your chick coop dimensions is the chick run. With the development of full feathers, you must allow the chicks to go outside. The run will be the place to put their feeds. In addition, this is the place for the older chicks before they are transferred to the mature chicken coop. These points are important; follow them to have a great chick coop output.

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