Causes of Uric Acid Kidney Stones with Treatment and Foods to Avoid


Do you comprehend what sort of kidney stone you have? There are many types of kidney stones such as calcium stones, struvite stones as well as cystine stone. You can suffer any 1 of them. whole variety of stone is painful and has various symptoms as well as causes for them.

Basically what causes kidney stone is the extra chemicals that are not flushed out of the system through urine obtain collected in the kidney. These collected chemicals sort crystals and harden into stones. The types are based on the chemical composition formed.

How these uric acid kidney stones form? When the concentration of uric acid becomes high in urine then it results in formation of uric acid stones. just in case there is problem in purine metabolism, then excess of uric acid is formed.

This residual uric acid gets deposited in the kidnye on the inner walls to give rise to uric acid stones. The concentration of uric acid in urine is high in that means more uric acid in little amount of urine results in stone formation.Frequently, uric acid stones are coupled with circumstances such as gout. This can be the next condition of the disease.

The Uric acid kidney stone is a exceedingly common kind of kidney stone. You can behold this variety of stone mostly happens in individuals who suffer from gout. Effective treatment of gout will reduce the chances of forming the stone.

individuals who live in hot and acid areas are at risk of getting into uric acid kidney stone. They face consequences like dehydration and low urine volumes. folks suffering from certain types of cancers, gout after undergoing chemotherapy can have urine that contains abnormal amounts of uric acid. That can be due to uric acid kidney stone. This individuals may become affected with chronic diarrhea and develope a risk for low urine pH as well as low urine volume.

Uric acid stone are not usually found through standard X-rays. How do you come to comprehend that you have that one? The diagnosis of uric acid kidney stone is strongly followed by a history of sudden pain and blood in urine.

A positive ct scan can tell you exact condition. just in case your twenty four hours urine collection shows too much urine then come to know that the stone trapped you. just in case you want to do definitive diagnosis then you have to do chemical analysis of the urine.

The treatment of a simple type of uric acid kidney stones differs somewhat than treatment of other sorts of stones. Make sure that you are taking lot of water to make tremendous hydration in your body. You have to take care that thee is increase in the urine’s pH. It is commonly called alkalinization. These 2 things in combination lead to dissolving of the stones. As a result, more invasive procedures such as shock treatment are usually not required.

All you have to do is a strong vary in diet. Reduce the in take of products like purines such as dairy products, every grains, vegetables and meat products. You may attempt home remedies; if it does not work then visit your doctor immediately.



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