Carbon Monoxide Suicide


Carbon monoxide poisoning is the leading cause of poison related deaths in numerous countries, including the United States. Carbon monoxide attacks the nervous system besides causes respitory failure what’s more brain damage at a surprisingly fast pace.

Most people know a bit with regards to how dangerous carbon monoxide is, but it seems like this knowledge is not plenty to lower the amount of deaths that arise each year from carbon monoxide poisoning. To be fair, there are quite a few of these deaths that are actually a case of carbon monoxide suicide.

For years, individuals have used carbon monoxide suicide as an alternative to hanging besides self-inflicted gunshot wounds. This seems surprising, thinking of that death from carbon monoxide is certainly one of the more painful moreover horrific ways to go out.

In the old days, a carbon monoxide suicide would arise when a person closed his garage, left his car running, besides then sat in his car until the fumes killed him. Often, a case of carbon monoxide suicide would involve the person running a length of hose from his exhaust pipe to his driver’s side window, letting the fumes enter directly in.

He might close all the windows and leave the drivers side window just open abundant to allow the hose of death to do its dirty work. These days, however, suicide by carbon monoxide is harder to pull off.  For one, the increasing technology of automobiles have made it more difficult to die from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Before catalytic converters, as much as a quarter of exhaust fumes would contain carbon monoxide. These days, however, over ninety nine percent of CO fumes are filtered. This is not to tell that a people still can’t die from leaving the car running in their garage.

It would simply take quite a bit longer, besides suicidal people are surprisingly stubborn when it comes to dying. Some cultures have taken suicide by carbon monoxide to the next logical step. Numerous eastern countries will set up a wood burning stove or similar device that emits extreme amounts of carbon monoxide what’s more then enclose it in a tent.

In numerous cases, people state group suicide pacts furthermore then all enter the tent together, dying one by one. While this craze has not taken complete the western world yet, it should be extraordinary that this type of suicide has already claimed what can be measured one of America’s greatest treasures: Boston lead singer Brad Delp.

With this information, it should be the duty of all American households to practice carbon monoxide safety. Ensuring that it is a priority will give you “more of a feeling” of safety in and around your home, when you hear the alarm sound because something is “smokin”. possibly your teen daughter “Amanda”.



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